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The Quest For Big Cats Steve Calder

The Quest For Big Cats

Steve Calder

Kindle Edition
71 pages
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 About the Book 

THE QUEST FOR BIG CATSA beginners guide to catfish angling in the UK and EuropeReveals the tackle and techniques you need to take on Europe’s biggest most ferocious freshwater predator.Includes comprehensive Where to catfish in the UK venue guideNew from the publishers of ‘Starting carping’, The quest for big cats talks you through the rigs, baits, tackle and watercraft you’ll need to locate, hook and land your first wels catfish.Catfish offer anglers the ultimate test: the consummate predator, pound for pound they rank amongst the hardest fighting fish that swim. Yet they are capricious in their feeding habits – making every capture a real achievement.Whether you’re planning your first trip abroad – to tackle one of the 100lb + monsters that populate the larger continental rivers - or starting a catfish campaign closer to home, this informative reference guide will help you put more and bigger catfish on the bank.The quest for big cats reveals:► Where to fish for cats in the UK– and when-► Why pre-baiting is key – and how to do it affordably-► Tackling cooler conditions: why the onset of winter needn’t mean the end to your cat fishing season-► ‘Selective’ big cat baits that keep nuisance species at bay-► Tricks for longer range freelining – and a guaranteed way to overcome dropped takes-► The unique challenges of flowing water - and how to overcome them-► The case for lure fishing – and which lures to choose-► When to ring the changes – fishing the surface, midwater and hard on the deck-► How to track down cats on your local venues – and chart their nightly patrol routes-► The right rigs for weed, silt and open water – and why carp rigs just won’t cut it-► The most effective way to tackle catfish waters with low stock densities-► And much more.The quest for big cats discusses where to buy specialist tackle and what to buy- recommending the right rods and reels for your chosen venue - and your budget.It shares proven cat-catching rigs that can spell the different between blanking and banking a new personal best - explaining why free running rigs will score over semi fixed bolt rigs. And suggesting more advanced approaches for tougher waters.Just a few of the topics covered include:► Five unique ways to present a live bait that no discerning catfish could resist-► The merits of stepped up carp tactics – can you really have the best of both worlds?► When to freeline, ledger and pop up your baits-► Unusual change baits to give you ‘the edge’ on more pressurised waters-► When to use the dumbbell, buoy and bottle rigs – and when to keep things simple-► A universal go anywhere rig that can be fished at any depth with NO ADJUSTMENT.ORDER THE QUEST FOR BIG CATS NOW AND YOU’LL ALSO RECEIVE A VOUCHER WORTH£20 OFF YOUR FIRST CAT FISHING OUTFITABSOLUTELY FREEDiscover why thousands of anglers flock to France, Italy and Spain as well as over 400 UK venues - every year,intent on landing a monster catfish.